Geek Wraps is proud to announce the premiere of our original Wrap Hack™ Video Contest.

Are you an innovator in the wrap industry? Have you discovered new ways to save time and improve installation? Now is your chance to showcase your skills, gain respect from the wrap community and walk away with some SWEET PRIZES! To win, all you need to do is enter a video submission demonstrating your Wrap Hack™.

Wrap Hacknoun /rap hak/

: any technique, tip, shortcut or method, that will boost speed,
   improve the quality of your installation or solve an installation problem,
   without jeopardizing quality or appearance

This is a great opportunity and fun way to share your new and innovative ideas while demonstrating your skills and gaining exposure with a significant YouTube audience of over 7,000 subscribers and nearly 2 million views!

Record a video of yourself performing a useful Wrap Hack™ in under three minutes and submit it for your chance to win some great prizes. Gain notoriety as you help the Air-Wrangler™ community of installers by sharing your own creative Wrap Hack™.

Check out our sample video for more info:

Wrap Hack Video Sample
We made our own Wrap Hack video to give you a suggestion of how to film and format your own hack video for entering into the contest. (Contest videos must feature only one hack per video.) Editing is not necessary providing the hack is clear and distinct, narration is optional. If you do choose to narrate your submission, make sure the audio is clear and the video is free of any music or background noise.
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This contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with YouTube. By entering, you agree to these official rules and the decisions of the judges, which are final and binding. See complete contest rules below.

Wrap Hack Video Contest Rules


- Wrap Hack™ Contest is open worldwide
- Any prize winners outside of the continental US must provide a valid shipping address and will be responsible for any and all prize shipping charges and any applicable customs or duty fees
- Participation is not limited to the vehicle wrap installation industry, everybody is encouraged to submit an entry
- Featured hack must be relevant to vinyl wrap installation
- Only one hack per video is allowed
- Only one submission per participant is allowed
- Materials used in your demonstration must be 3M as well as Geek Wraps and 3M tools
- You must agree to the Terms and Conditions as well as a Liability Release
- Video submitted must comply with all the Video Submission Requirements below
- Employees of Geek Wraps, Inc. and its respective affiliates are not eligible to participate and win

Video Submission Requirements

- Video must be submitted ready to upload to YouTube
- Video must be submitted in a file format supported by YouTube. Please follow these recommendations: Supported YouTube file formats
- Video must be no longer than three (3) minutes long
- Only one hack per video is allowed
- Video cannot contain any music or third party logos due to potential copyright infringement
- Any video narration must be in english
- If videos are submitted with similar hacks, only the first received will be considered for entry into the contest
- You must have a Google account to upload your video file to Google Drive, Google accounts are free and easy to set up, to sign up Click Here

How to Enter

- Click the "Enter Contest" button at the bottom of this page
- Fill out the official form
- You will receive an email with further instructions to:
- Upload your video file to Google Drive

Contest will be closed to submissions when we reach judging capacity.


Winners will be chosen by a panel of Geek Wraps judges. Judging will begin once we have received a minimum of 25 eligible submitted videos. The videos will be reviewed by the judges, and the top 15 chosen videos will be uploaded to Geek Wraps YouTube channel.

Judging will be based on the judges deeming the hack worthy of sharing with the Air-Wrangler™ community. The videos will be chosen based on originality, validity of tip, relevance of hack and quality of video.

The first, second and third place judges' choice winners will be announced on YouTube and social media. All decisions will be final.

Geek Wraps Judges:
Kenny Calman, Geek Wraps Tools Inventor/Creator, 3M Preferred, 3M Trainer, 3M Tester
Kathy Calman, Geek Wraps CEO, 3M Preferred, 3M Trainer, 3M Tester
Jon Leftik, 3M Preferred, 3M Trainer, 3M Tester
Wara Kedziorek, Geek Wraps Certification Coordinator
Wes Reyna, Geek Wraps University Student


Grand Prize

Worth up to $4,100.00
The grand prize winner will be awarded (2) half rolls of 3M 1080 material in color of choice, and the the following Geek Wraps Tools:
•   Air Wrangler Kit
    -   (1) Geek Wraps Pouch featuring the Razor Blade Disposal System
    -   (1) Geek Wraps Utility Belt
    -   (1) Magnetic Tether
    -   (8) Power Slam Magnets
    -   (1) Freestyle Curve Squeegee
    -   (1) Wrap Wand
    -   (1) 4 inch Soft Edge Squeegee
    -   (2) 4 inch Soft Edge Marine Squeegee
    -   (1) Micro Soft Edge Squeegee
    -   (1) Micro Soft Edge Marine Squeegee
    -   (1) 1.25 inch Detail Squeegee
    -   (1) 1.25 inch Marine Detail Squeegee
    -   (1) Geek Wraps Wrap Shears
    -   (1) Stabilo Pencil
    -   (1) Fine Adjustment Stainless Knife and 10 Blades
    -   (1) Razor Blade Disposal Container
    -   (1) Power Slam Tape
    -   (1) Geek Wraps Wrap Glove
•   (10) Additional Power Slam Magnets
•   (1) 10 Pack 4 inch Original Soft Edge Squeegees
•   (1) 10 Pack 4 inch Marine Soft Edge Squeegees
•   (4) New Silver Streak 4 inch Soft Edge Squeegees
•   (4) Kenny Calman's Signature Air Wrangler Hybrid 4 inch Squeegee
•   (8) Micro detail squeegees (2 each: Original, Marine, Hybrid, Silver Streak)
•   (3) Curve squeegees (1 each: Marine, Hybrid, Silver Streak)
•   (2) Wrap Juice Refill Bottles
•   (1) Big Easy
•   (1) Kenny Calman's Signature Air Wrangler Small Torch Roller
•   (1) Air Wranglers T-Shirt

2nd Place

Worth up to $1,400.00
Second place winner will receive (1) half roll of 3M 1080 material in color of choice, and the the following Geek Wraps Tools:
•   (1) Tool Handy Wrist Band Kit
•   (1) Hand Held Utility
•   (1) Air Wrangler T-Shirt

3rd Place

Worth up to $500.00
Third place will take home the following Geek Wraps Tools:
•   (16) 4 inch Squeegees (4 each: Original, Marine, Hybrid, Silver Streak)
•   (3) Curve squeegees (1 each: Marine, Hybrid, Silver Streak)
•   (8) Micro Detail Squeegees (2 each: Original, Marine, Hybrid, Silver Streak)
•   (2) Wrap Wands
•   (1) Hand Held Utility Installer
•   (1) Air Wrangler T-Shirt

Additional Prizes
•   First 25 eligible entries will receive one (1) newly released 4 inch Silver Streak Squeegee
•  The top 15 videos chosen by the Geek Wraps judges and posted on YouTube will receive an Air Wrangler™ tactical knife custom engraved with
    the contestant's name
•  Honorable mention video submissions will also be posted on YouTube to share with our community some time in the future
•  The top 15 videos will be displayed on 3M’s The Core and the winning installer and his/her shop will be featured as well.